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Fight off infinite waves of monsters and bosses whilst collecting the many hats (stat upgrading), guns (firepower), and power-ups (game-changers) around the map! Battle in two unique and strategic maps, but watch out for the different monster's unique abilities. Use the random weapon box to get that perfect weapon, and take advantage of the slot machine to hopefully unleash 1 of the 4 different game-changing events! Fight to be on top of the local leaderboard with your friends, and enjoy the classic arcade-like music! Don't forget to collect all the trophies! The fun never ends in this 2.5D action shooter survival!

- Gamepad support baby!!!
- Lots of Monsters with unique special abilities!
- Collect the many distinct feeling Guns! (Including: rocket launchers, lasers, grenades, and tons more!!!)
- Collect the many Hats that provide you with upgraded stats!
- Mini and Mega Bosses with dangerous special attacks!
- Infinite waves and replayability! (Every match is different!)
- Two strategically setup maps!
- Slot machine that, if you win, unleashes 1 of 4 different game-changing events! (Including: mortars, poison, full health, and hat drops!!!)
- Monsters drop power-ups like full ammo, health packs, and if you're lucky, hats!
- Local leaderboard to keep track of your high scores!
- Trophies to gain by killing the Mega Bosses!
- Awesome particle and sound effects!
- Classic arcade-like music!



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